Scorpio & The 8th House

I find most horoscopes for Scorpio and/or the 8th house maddeningly shallow. The scorpion is often reduced to some combination of “the occult,” “death and sex,” and “the underworld,” with the 8th house getting “inheritances” and “change/transformation” thrown in there.

Without knowing what these interpretations are based on, how would a casual observer gain anything from these descriptors? It can be difficult to apply these themes to one’s personal life. My advice in this situation is always: “go back to basics: modality, element, orientation”. For Scorpio:

Fixed + Water + Interpersonal

The modality wheel moves Cardinal — Fixed — Mutable. Cardinal initiates, Fixed stabilizes, and Mutable adapts. Scorpio perpetuates. It pushes, driving forward the energy that came before it with a steadying hand.

What comes before Scorpio? Libra, The Lover.

Libra, as an Air sign, is about social interactions; specifically, the mental part of them. Scorpio, being a water sign, is the emotional result of those social interactions. The result can last a minute or a lifetime, but Scorpio is a close-up of the moment of raw, emotional instinct that tells us who we really are: fight or flight. Aries may be The Warrior charging into battle, but only in the sense that he is an individual, initiating action. Scorpio represents the way the battle feels.

I’m paraphrasing here, but Liz Greene described Scorpio as “that which appears physical, but is really emotional in nature.” It is the kind of special intimacy that lies deep within us, and can change us forever as individuals.

Therefore, Scorpio represents:

  • Not death in the physical sense, but emotional: as loss, grief
  • Not sex/intimacy in the physical sense, but emotional: as vulnerability
  • Not finances in the physical sense, but emotional: as sharing

It is important to note that Scorpio is associated with the 8th house, but does not rule it. Signs do not rule houses, but they do represent similar themes.

When talking about the 8th house, most horoscopes I see from popular astrologers discuss the individual’s death, sex, and finances, but that’s far too simple and does nothing to help the novice understand themselves or their chart. It’s true, Scorpio and the 8th house include the darkest parts of life and ourselves, but they should be embraced, not feared.

If you can face your darkest fears openly, without aiming to overcome them but to work with them, you have found the key to your self. Avoiding your fears, tempting and sometimes necessary as it may be, ultimately exacerbates the problem. Face them, acknowledge and accept them, and work with them. Your growth will be immense and rewarding.

And ultimately, this sort of growth is transformative. That’s why change and transformation are common keywords for the 8th house. It is the emotional consequences of our social interactions, that ultimately change us in a deep, permanent way.

Loss, grief, and vulnerability can be difficult to discuss casually. Sure, for a simple horoscope’s sake, it’s easier to stick to the death/sex/money part of it all. Nonetheless, I wish more popular horoscopes included such nuance. Normalizing the discussion of our pain and grief would go a long way in healing us, collectively and individually, and we would do well to prioritize that. After all, that is the lesson of Scorpio.

Author: Charlotte

Coaching personal growth through astrology, and doing statistical analysis to boot. Emotion Math is about studying symbolic equations, but with emotions instead of numbers.

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