Placements & Bloodlines

In my recent research of the statistical significance of astrological placements of small social groups, I’m finding interesting patterns in the placements of families related by blood.

Importantly, since my last updates, I have adjusted my methodology to account for the polarities of the zodiac; meaning, I converted all placements to a scale of 0-180 degrees, with Aries and Libra both at 0. This helps illustrate the opposition relationships, which are just as important as conjunctions.

I was able to evaluate natal placements for a family of 4, now that I have confirmed birth times for them. The following areas of the zodiac had clusters of note:

5′ Gemini / 5′ Sagittarius:

  • Daughter’s Ascendant
  • Mother’s Moon (her chart ruler)
  • Father’s Moon
  • Mother’s Mercury

3′ Leo / 3′ Aquarius:

  • Father’s Ascendant
  • Daughter’s Mercury (her chart ruler)
  • Mother’s Part of Fortune

20′ Leo / 20′ Aquarius:

  • Son’s Ascendant
  • Daughter’s Venus
  • Daughter’s Moon
  • Father’s Part of Fortune

What I find so interesting about this is that many of the placements involved have less to do with the date on which the individuals were born, and more to do with the time and tilt of the Earth instead. The Ascendant, Part of Fortune, and even Moon placements differ greatly depending on the time of birth. To me, this may point to a soul connection because the odds of encountering such similar placement through random chance would have to be tiny.

Now, I haven’t actually calculated the odds of that, but I was able to measure the variance of this family of 4 and compared it with a control group of 6 strangers, as well as with all data I had available. Here’s what I found:

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 11.29.46 AM

Comparing all placements on the standard 0-359 degrees of the zodiac, the placements of the family were less varied than both the control group and all data, but the differences between groups only became more significant as I reduced the zodiac.

When comparing placements on a 180′ zodiac (to account for oppositions), or a 90′ zodiac (to account for opposition and square aspects), the variance was far lower for the family of 4, meaning their placements were much more similar than the other groups were. 

This suggests that there were more aspects between family members than we would expect to occur through random chance. I’m conducting further tests to see if these results can be replicated with other families before I dive into t-tests and z-tests, but I’m encouraged by these initial results.

I am also in the process of creating frequency distributions for the above groups. It’s possible, after all, that the distributions will not be normal, and therefore variance and standard deviation may not be the best method of evaluating significance. My statistics skills are a little rusty, but I’m having a lot of fun trying to dust them off.


There’s a lot I want to write about, but whenever I sit down to do it my mind goes blank.

It’s been an emotional few weeks. I’m working on ways to appropriately handle my anger and it’s ugly, but it’s progress. Not only is my natal Mars in chill-as-hell-borderline-lazy Taurus, but it’s in my 12th house, making it hard for me to see.

The 12th house is one of the most challenging houses to explain to newbies — it’s the house of Self-Undoing, which naturally sets off alarm bells to anyone unfamiliar with the term. Alternately, we can call House 12 “That Which is Hidden,” which captures the subconscious, and institutions like hospitals and prisons.

When we say “self-undoing,” we mean the loss of ego into a greater whole. The house preceding it, House 11, is about large communities, our crowd. Communities struggle when there’s too much ego from the individuals within them, and thrive when the individuals come together with a common goal. This common goal requires a loss of ego, requires each person to say, “This is not about me, this is about something bigger.” Ergo, Undoing the Self.

So what does that mean for a 12th house Mars? I’m still working on this myself, but my gut says I am motivated by either a) things that are farthest removed from my own ego and identity, or b) something in my subconscious that is hard for me to pinpoint. Or both! Either way, Mars is already somewhat muted by Taurus energy, so it’s an all-around challenging placement to understand.

The good news is I’m reading and learning about emotions, and better ways to control them. I’ve never been an angry person, but I’m learning now that’s because I’ve always repressed my anger (heyyyy, maybe that’s a 12th house tendency). This will likely be a running theme in my life that I will never fully overcome, but I’m excited to learn how to best manage this placement in an effective, useful way.

Silver lining: Taurus may be slow to start but once they do, they don’t stop. My Mars is not easily activated the way it might be in a Fire sign, but once it is, my willpower is tenacious and resilient. I embrace these qualities, and I am proud.