The Head & The Heart

I want to be better about writing but I don’t know where to start. I have a running list of astrological topics to cover but every time I sit down to write, nothing comes out.

I’ve never been good at identifying and asking for what I want. This is one of the few ways I relate to my Pisces Sun — I don’t “want” anything for my own sake, but for others. The fish’s immersive nature creates a nebulous, mysterious ego, one that adapts to fill whatever gaps surround it.

My Leo Moon, by contrast, is pounding on my internal doors with a list of demands: creation, expression, validation, attention, give me all of it, goddammit. I badly want to appease her, but how do I satiate those needs when my ego wants nothing? My Moon is my one and only fire placement, and I don’t know how to handle it; it’s literally out of my element.

Heart on fire, head under water.

In astrology, progressions are the idea that once we are born, the movement of the planets reflect the trajectory of our life, with each day equating to one year. So, the location of the planets 30 days after your birth mirrors your life at 30 years old.

My Sun has progressed from Pisces to Aries, and it certainly feels like breaking the surface, at long last, after an eternity spent underground. I’ve been ingrained with the wisdom and adaptability of Pisces and the knowledge of all that came before it; and I am finally taking a form of my own and setting off on a new path.

Trouble is, my progressed Mercury is still hanging back in Pisces.

In a few years’ time, my Mercury will make its way to Aries, and my hope is then I will have an easier time articulating my individual wants and needs. Maybe then my mind, freshly-ablaze, can help my Leo Moon to get what it wants.

I appreciate what Pisces has gifted me, but I am ready to break new ground and forge my own path. In the meantime, I’m making progress. I am still under water, but I can see the surface. And when I get there, I will be on fire, and I will be unstoppable.